Research-based Theatre (Book)

An Artistic Methodology

Research-based theatre aims to present research in a way that is compelling and captivating, connecting with viewers on imaginative and intellectual levels at the same time. Research-Based Theatre brings together scholars and practitioners of research-based theatre to construct a theoretical analysis of the field and offer critical reflections on how the methodology can now be applied. The book shares twelve examples of contemporary research-based theatre scripts and commentaries from an international group of artists and researchers, selected with an eye toward representing different approaches that come from a variety of disciplinary areas.  

Category: Performing Arts


George Belliveau is Professor of drama education at the University of British Columbia, Canada.

Graham W. Lea is assistant professor in the Department of Curriculum, Teaching & Learning at the University of Manitoba, Canada.


List of Illustrations


John O’Toole and Judith Ackroyd


Graham W. Lea and George Belliveau

Section I: Education

Chapter 1: Scripting a Narrative Inheritance: Homa Bay Memories

Graham W. Lea

Chapter 2: The Ink Murderers Can’t Hold It Any Longer

Betsy Ferrer Okello

Chapter 3: The Lives of Incarcerated Youth in Athabasca’s Going Unmanned

Diane Conrad

Chapter 4: Critical Plays: An Exploration in Truth and Verisimilitude

Christine Sinclair and Anne Harris

Section II: Health 75

Chapter 5: Considering Aesthetics: Bringing New Awareness to Patient Safety Culture in Hospitals

Julia Gray and Gail Mitchell

Chapter 6: Communicating about Dementia Care through Theatre: Inside Out of Mind

Tanya Myers and Justine Schneider

Chapter 7: Transitioning Home: Research-Based Theatre with Returning Servicemen and Their Families

Linda Hassall and Michael Balfour

Chapter 8: No Particular Place to Go

Trudy Pauluth-Penner, Warwick Dobson, Monica Prendergast, and Holly Tuokko

Section III: Community 131

Chapter 9: An Ethnographic Performance for Professional Learning

Jane Bird

Chapter 10: Temporarily Yours: Foreign Domestic Workers in Singapore

Prue Wales

Chapter 11: Harriet’s House and Ana’s Shadow: Learning about Other People’s Families

Tara Goldstein

Chapter 12: Performing Autobiography

George Belliveau and Rita L. Irwin

Final Reflections

George Belliveau and Graham W. Lea



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