Responding to Site (Book)

The Performance Work of Marilyn Arsem

Co-Editor Jennie Klein Edited by Natalie Loveless
Category: Visual Arts


This book will focus on the performance art of Marilyn Arsem, a founding member of the Boston-based space Mobius, and internationally acclaimed performance artist. Arsem’s work addresses women’s history and myth making capacities, the potency of site and geography, the idea of audience as witnesses, and the intimacy of one-to-one works.

Jennie Klein is an art historian who writes on contemporary art, performance art and the intersection of gender and visual culture. Klein teaches courses on contemporary art and theory and performance art and theory at Ohio University.

Natalie S. Loveless is a conceptual artist, curator and assistant professor at the University of Alberta, where she specializes in feminist and performance art history, art as social practice, the pedagogical turn and artistic research methodologies.


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