Seamlessness (Book)

Making and (Un)Knowing in Fashion Practice

Taking the concept of 'seamlessness' as her starting point, Yeseung Lee offers an innovative practice-based investigation into the meaning of the handmade in the age of technological revolution and globalized production and consumption. Combining firsthand experience of making seamless garments with references from psychoanalysis, anthropology and cultural studies, Lee reveals the ways that a garment can reach to our deeply superficial sense of being, and how her seamless garments can represent the ambiguity of a modern subject in a perpetual process of becoming. Richly illustrated and firmly rooted in the actual work of creation, this daringly innovative book breaks new ground for fashion research.  


Claire Pajaczkowska is Senior Research Tutor in Fashion at Royal College of Art, where the faculty research group 'Fashion Thinking' develops projects in collaboration with a range of professional, manufacturing, curatorial and design practices to explore the impact of fashion culture. 

Yeseung Lee is a researcher and practicing designer. She is currently a visiting academic for research in fashion and textiles at the Royal College of Art, London.


Claire Pajaczkowska

The Seaming

Chapter 1: The Skin Ego

Chapter 2: The Garment Ego

Chapter 3: Auratic Objects

Chapter 4: Here and Now

Chapter 5: Seaming Hands

Chapter 6: Seamless?

Chapter 7: The Toile Ego

The Seam(less)



'A richly contextualized and beautifully narrated journey into the cognition of making that binds cloth and skin, garment and person and replaces distinction by modalities of transition. A sharp and incisive critique of the fashion system that will enable a new approach to be developed to the analysis of fashion.'

Susanne Küchler, University College London
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