Signs of Change (Book)

New Directions in Theatre Education: Revised and Amplified Edition

There is no one-size-fits-all way to keep pace with the changes affecting high school students and those who educate them. That’s why Joan Lazarus has gathered here the insights of hundreds of secondary school theatre teachers and teaching artists on how they have responded to the shifting demands of theatre education in today’s schools. She paints a portrait of active, dynamic professionals who build vibrant programs and confront challenges in a variety of ways – from inclusive, interactive lessons to comprehensive programs that address the impact of poverty, race, gender and spirituality on students’ lives. In the process, she shows how real teachers bring about real change. An accessible and up-to-date guide to best practices in theatre education, this expanded and revised edition encompasses new hands-on activities – drawn from the author’s in-depth interviews and research.

Category: Performing Arts


Joan Lazarus is a professor in the Department of Theatre and Dance at the University of Texas at Austin where she heads the BFA Theatre Studies program and works with graduate students in youth theatre, theatre education and related fields.

 Introduction: A Yearning for Change 

Chapter 1: Signs of Change and the Need for Change

Chapter 2: Learner-Centered Practice

Chapter 3: Socially Responsible Practice

Chapter 4: Comprehensive Theatre Education

Chapter 5: Theatre Education Outside the Box

Chapter 6: Breaking the Mold: Best Practice in Theatre Teacher Education

Chapter 7: On the Frontier of Change: Visions for the Field

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