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Sophia Edlund

Sophia Edlund is a voice practitioner-researcher and a visual artist who is fascinated by the power of sound. She is currently completing a performance practice Ph.D. project on ‘Voicing Thelxis’ at the University of Exeter (2018–present). Her evolving vocal practice examines the intersection between the mysteries of voice and the mysteries of the feminine. She has devised and conducted workshops for arts practitioners on interspecies vocal luring, on lulling as a healing physiovocal practice and on ‘Sirening’, and has published on the topics of Sirens (2019) and ‘Humanimal voice pedagogy’ (2021). She holds a BA in English literature (University of Edinburgh), an MA in Text and Performance (RADA, London) and an M.Sc. in Performance Science (RCM, London).

Contact: University of Exeter, Alexander Building, Thornlea, New North Road, Exeter EX4 4LA, UK.

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