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Stephen Jukes

Stephen Jukes is professor of journalism in the Faculty of Media & Communication. He had earlier spent two decades as a foreign correspondent and media executive covering news in Europe, the Middle East and the United States for Reuters. In his final position at Reuters he was global Head of News responsible for all editorial output including text, TV, news pictures and graphics. He also ran Reuters publishing programme overseeing a series of books on foreign and financial affairs in conjunction with Pearson and Prentice Hall. His research interests are informed by his professional practice as a journalist and focus on areas of conflict and trauma and emotion and objectivity in news. He was appointed Dean of what was then the Media School in 2005 and oversaw its transition to a faculty before stepping down from that role in February 2016. Before his work at Bournemouth University he was a visiting scholar at Green College Oxford researching into areas of journalism and spin. He plays an active role in the charities founded by the US Dart Foundation which are designed to support journalists suffering from traumatic stress and to promote better reporting of traumatic news events such as war and terror attacks.