The Friday Mosque in the City is Now Available!
Monday, January 25, 2021

The Friday Mosque in the City is Now Available!

The Friday Mosque in the City explores the relationship between the Friday mosque and its surrounding urban context. The contributions in this volume edited by A. Hilâl Uğurlu and Suzan Yalman shed light on the concept of spatial ambiguity and liminality in spatial terms and discuss transition zones between the mosque and the city through case studies.


While the two well-known themes ‘Friday mosque’ and the ‘Islamic city’ – concepts that once defined the field – have been widely studied by historians of Islamic architecture and urbanism, this collection specifically addresses the functional and spatial ambiguity between these spaces. Thus, instead of addressing the Friday mosque as the central signifier of the ‘Islamic city’, this volume provides evidence that there was (and continues to be) a tremendous variety in the way architectural borders became fluid in and around Friday mosques across the Islamic geography, from Cordoba to Jerusalem and from London to Lahore. The disciplinary approaches are varied, and include archaeology, art history, history, epigraphy and architecture.  



Part of the Critical Studies in Architecture of the Middle East series