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Critical Studies in Architecture of the Middle East

ISSN 2059-3562 | Online ISSN 2059-3570
Series Editors:
Critical Studies in Architecture of the Middle East is devoted to the most recent scholarship concerning historic and contemporary architecture, landscape, and urban design of the Middle East and of regions shaped by diasporic communities more globally. We invite interdisciplinary studies from diverse perspectives that address the visual characteristics of the built environment, ranging from art and architectural case studies to urban analysis. The series illustrates a range of approaches to the commission, design, construction, use, and reception of artistic projects, buildings, landscapes, cities, and social environments throughout the Islamic world; concurrently, it illuminates the region’s diverse architectural cultures and expressive traditions. The series intends to present the history, theory, practice, and critical analyses of historical and contemporary art, architecture, landscape, and urban design, as well as the interpretation and conservation of existing cultural heritage in the Islamic world and beyond. It includes surveys, monographs, and edited volumes.