Tuesday, August 02, 2022

The Music of Nobuo Uematsu in the Final Fantasy Series is now available!

Edited by Richard Anatone


This is the first book-length study on the music of Nobuo Uematsu, one of the most influential Japanese composers of the current age. It takes a variety of different analytical approaches to his music. It offers readers interested in ludomusicology a variety of ways in which to understand Uematsu’s compositional process and the role that video game music has in the overall gaming experience.


Those interested in Uematsu’s music will gain a greater appreciation and understanding of his compositional processes and his interaction with musical narrative, and those interested in ludomusicology in general will be shown various methodologies that can be applied to a single composer. Those interested in composing for video games or movies will also be given insight into how they might compose for a narrative themselves.


Series: Studies in Game Sound and Music