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Studies in Game Sound and Music

ISSN: 2633-0652 / Online ISSN: 2633-0660

Series editors: Tim Summers, Michiel Kamp, Melanie Fritsch and Andra Ivănescu 

Intellect’s Studies in Game Sound and Music will publish accessible, detailed books that provide in-depth analysis of topics and texts in video game audio. The books will present detailed analysis, historical investigation, and treatment of conceptual and theoretical issues related to game audio.

The editors welcome proposals for monographs and collections of essays. The series aims to:

·       reveal important information about major media texts,

·       investigate game music in a degree of depth and detail hitherto unseen,

·       address major critical issues in game music studies,

·       deploy and evolve approaches of antecedent scholarship, and

·       develop new ways examining this media music.

The titles will be significant texts in a blossoming field, at once drawing on the opportunity presented by the growing subject area, and supporting that development through the research they prompt and represent.

 The series will not seal game audio into a scholarly suburb, but will instead be outward looking: it seeks to engage game audio practitioners and researchers from a range of disciplines, including anthropology, performance studies, computer science, media studies, psychology, sociology, sound studies, as well as musicology. Recently contracted titles include a companion to music in The Legend of Zelda, a collection on nostalgia and video game music, and a collection on the work of Nobuo Uematsu.


To propose a manuscript, or for more information, please contact the series editors at