Comparative Media Policy, Regulation and Governance in Europe - Chapter 12 (Book)

Chapter 12: Testing the Boundaries: Evolving Norms and Troubling Trends for Journalism


This chapter joins the wide spreading debate about the fluctuating boundaries of journalism. To overcome the registered challenges and encounters to how ‘news journalism’ is defined, it suggests that a combined approach in media policy designs is required. Instead of focusing on fixed elements observable within media systems, such as legal conditions ensuring media diversity and content pluralism, the new approach should incorporate the idea of ‘media literacy’ (or even as specific definition as ‘news literacy’) which rests on the combination of situational factors (such as contextual settings for media) and communication rights and freedom of expression (such as skills and competencies of media users). Only through such collective advances integrity in news logic, journalistic reasoning and professional news discourses can be retained.
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