Dancing Across the Page (Book)

Narrative and Embodied Ways of Knowing

An innovative exploration of understanding through dance, Dancing Across the Page draws on the frameworks of phenomenology, feminism and postmodernism to offer readers an understanding of performance studies that is grounded in personal narrative and lived experience. Through accounts of contemporary dance making, improvisation and dance education, Karen Barbour explores a diversity of themes, including power, activism, and cultural, gendered and personal identity. An intimate yet rigorous investigation of creativity in dance, Dancing Across the Page emphasizes embodied knowledge and imagination as a basis for creative action in the world.

Category: Dance, Performing Arts


Karen Barbour is a senior lecturer in the Faculty of Education at the University of Waikato in New Zealand. She is a member of the World Dance Alliance and the Congress on Research in Dance.

Chapter 1: Being: Introductions 
Chapter 2: Becoming: Feminist Choreography and Dance Research 
Chapter 3: Dancing Across the Page: Representing Research Through Narrative
Chapter 4: Dreaming Yourself Anew: Choreographic Strategies in Women’s Solo
Chapter 5: Knowing Differently, Living Creatively: Embodied Ways of Knowing 
Chapter 6: Standing Strong: Pedagogical Approaches to Affirming Identity 
Chapter 7: Improvising: Dance and Everyday Life 
Chapter 8: Performing Identity: Tattoos, Dreadlocks and Feminism in Everyday Life 
Chapter 9: Imaginings: Reaching for a Vision 
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