Europe in Black and White (Book)

Immigration, Race, and Identity in the ‘Old Continent'

The essays in Europe in Black and White offer new critical perspectives on race, immigration, and identity on the Old Continent. In reconsidering the various forms of encounters with difference, such as multiculturalism and hybridity, the contributors address a number of issues, including the cartography of postcolonial Europe, its relation to the production of "difference" and "race," and national and identity politics and their dependence on linguistic practices inherited from imperial times. Featuring scholars from a wide variety of nationalities and disciplinary areas, this collection will speak to an equally wide readership.


Manuela Ribeiro Sanches is a senior lecturer at the Faculty of Letters, University of Lisbon. Fernando Clara is a senior lecturer at the Faculty for the Humanities and the Social Sciences at the New University of Lisbon. João Ferreira Duarte is professor at the Faculty of Letters, University of Lisbon. Leonor Pires Martins is an anthropologist and researcher at the Faculty of Letters, University of Lisbon.

The Culture Wars in Translation
Ella Shohat/Robert Stam
Nations Re-Bound: Race and Bio-Politics at E.U. and U.S. Borders
John D. Márquez
New Maps of Europe in Some Contemporary ‘Migrant’ Artists and Writers
Francesco Cattani
‘Beware Behalfies!’: Contradictory Affiliations in Salman Rushdie’s Step Across This Line
Ana Cristina Mendes
A Cape Verdian View of Europe: History and Geography Revised in the Writings of G. T. Didial
Ana Salgueiro Rodrigues
On the Periphery of the Universal and the Splendour of Eurocentrism
Inocência Mata
Opportunities, Politics and Subjectivity in Rio de Janeiro and Lisbon’s Non-Governmental Organizations
Susana Durão
Technologies of Othering: Black Masculinities in the Carceral Zones of European Whiteness
Uli Linke
White Resentment – The Other Side of Belonging
Vron Ware
Reverses of Modernity: Postcolonialism and Post-Holocaust
António Sousa Ribeiro
White Resentment – The Other Side of Belonging
Vron Ware
'For the Sun May not Mate with the Darkness': The Colonial Legacy of Rider Haggard’s African Romances
Tania Zulli
‘Mestizaje’, ‘mestiçagem’, ‘métissage’: Useful Concepts?
Capucine Boidin
Studies in Brown: Seductions and Betrayals of Hybridity in Richard Burton and Gilberto Freyre
Anna Klobucka
Old Empires, New Cartographies
Elena Brugioni
Spectacles, Lenses, and Magnifying Glasses: Critical Approaches in the Definition of the Canon of African Literatures in the Portuguese Language
Livia Apa
Literary Responses in Postcolonial and Post-Imperial Europe: The Literatures of Diaspora in Portugal and Britain
João Cosme
Voices in Shades of Grey
Phillip Rothwell
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