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Glen Bonnici

Glen Bonnici holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Italian and a Master of Arts in literary tradition and popular culture, both awarded by the University of Malta in 2013 and 2017 respectively. He is currently a Ph.D. candidate and an assistant lecturer at the Department of Italian at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Malta where he teaches courses on Italian language, Dante, literature from the Renaissance to the eighteenth century, Anglo-Italian studies and film studies. By adopting a transnational and cross-disciplinary method of inquiry, he researches Italian literature and cinema, literary theory, Anglo-Italian studies, comparative literature, film and cultural studies. Topics of interest include the ever-increasing occurrence of film and television works adapted from literature, spatial representation in fiction and metadiscursive techniques in narrative works, amongst others. His Ph.D. research focuses on self-reflexive devices in fiction with a particular focus on Italian cinema. He has been an editorial assistant, translator, editor and researcher for the Journal of Italian Cinema & Media Studies since 2019.