Language and Marginality (Book)

Edited by Steven McGill
Category: Performing Arts


Linguistics is a huge discipline with many sub-fields, many of which drift towards, and often overlap with, the primary concerns of cultural studies. In general, however, linguistics is concerned with the deconstruction of language itself, with the nuts and bolts (phonetics, morphology, syntax, lexis, etc.) and how these are systematically acquired (psycholinguistics) and how they interact with the socio-cultural context in which they are used (sociolinguistics, anthropological linguistics). Both of these approaches to language and culture are represented in this collection. The eclecticism of the papers should be seen as a strength, reflecting the wide range of ways in which we are all influenced by, and to an extent constructed by, language. 

Foreword (i)

The Deaf as a Cultural and Linguistic Minority: Implications for the Hybridisation of Sign (1)

The Relationship Between Language and Attitudes in Brittany: The Attitudes and Perceptions of Young Bretons (11)

Bakhtin Rejoiced: Poetry, Language and Subjectivity: A Reading of Two Poems by James Clarence Mangan (31)

Minority Children's Heritage Language: Planning for Non-Preservation? (41)

A Third Space for Cyborg Politics (63)

Standard English: A Language for the Inner Sanctum? (75)

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