Material Culture ebook collection
Thursday, September 24, 2020

Material Culture ebook collection

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Material Culture studies are a growing field of academic research. Its aim is to understand societies and cultures through careful observation and discussion of the physical objects generated by those societies, as well as the interaction with them.


The source material for study is exceptionally interdisciplinary, so Intellect is proud to present its dedicated Material Culture ebook Collection, offering important research across fashion, film, media, popular culture and more in one bundle:



Reframing Reality

Why Would Anyone Wear That?

Real Objects in Unreal Situations

Queer Communion

Field Notes on the Visual Arts

Raymond Williams

Vanishing Points

Planet Cosplay

The Poetics and Politics of the Veil in Iran

What's Next?


Coming soon:

Post-Specimen Encounters Between Art…


For more information and prices please contact Jelena Stanovnik, Further discounts are available to our journal collection subscribers. The official Material Culture ebooks page can be found here.


Scholars of Material Culture might also be interested in the following articles published in Intellect Journals:


Making / Craft / Objects and Material Culture

Ceramics and locational identity: Investigating the symbolism of material culture in relation to a sense of place

A thing to hold: The visual language of the book form

Exploring material culture of carpets in Turkey via an art project

Craft as cultural ecologically located practice: Comparative case studies of textile crafts in Cyprus, Estonia and Peru

Meaningful practices: The contemporary relevance of traditional making for sustainable material futures

Mixed fibres: Human and non-human collaboration

Constructive parchment destruction in medieval manuscripts

Unbound: Beyond the codex, the book as process/experience/event

Ceramics, narrative and commemoration

Mattering and making ethics: On craft, embodiment and vulnerable materialities

Framing movement experiences: Migration, materiality and everyday life

Kids at heart?: Exploring the material cultures of adult fans of all-ages animated shows

The spectral interior: Gender and representations of household objects in the work of three Chinese artists

An intergenerational and semiotic exploration of hair combs as material culture


Material Culture and Clothing

The queer coat: Konstantin Goncharov’s fashion, Russian masculinity and queer world building

New materialism: A theoretical framework for fashion in the age of technological innovation (OA)

Battle jackets, authenticity and ‘material individuality’

The scenographic, costumed chorus, agency and the performance of matter: A new materialist approach to costume

Special Issue: ‘Fashioning through materials: Material culture, materiality and processes of materialization’ (eds Sophie Woodward and Tom Fisher)

Making sense of dress: On sensory perspectives of wardrobe research (OA)

A sense of forgetting and remembering: Memories of smell and clothing

An intergenerational and semiotic exploration of hair combs as material culture

The dressed body, material and technology: Rethinking the hijab through sartorial sociology


Material Culture in Art Education

Towards an immanent read: Being with wool as text

An object-oriented curriculum theory for STEAM: Boundary shifters, materiality and per(form)ing 3D thinking

Becoming a work of art: Collaboration, materiality and posthumanism in visual arts education.

Burning cotton: Art education and the unemptied dustbin of history