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Shaun Borstrock

Shaun Borstrock is head of knowledge exchange and research and In Pursuit of Luxury at Ravensbourne University London. He is interested in design-led innovation where design comes first – not as a service to fulfil a business strategy but as a visionary path where design is considered to be an intrinsic part of decision making. This invites a new kind of multi- and trans-disciplinary collaboration from around the world. He also works as an independent consultant to luxury brands and associations around the globe. They include Harris Tweed Hebrides, Ford, John Lewis, The Cape Town Fashion Council, John Lewis, Fortnum & Mason, Asprey, Dolce & Gabbana and Gucci. He is a regular keynote speaker at events around the world as an authority on luxury branding and fashion, consumerism and brand strategies. Shaun’s research evaluates notions of luxury that seem far removed from today’s world of excessive consumption. He explores how technology is changing the perception of the handmade in the context of how luxury brands have grown as a result of being able to supply historically hand-crafted products en-masse through technological innovation. His practice, in collaboration with professor Mark Bloomfield, includes the invention of Modeclix, the world’s first fully customizable 3D-printed textile. Modeclix has been nominated for numerous international 3D print awards. Shaun is the editor of Luxury Studies: The In Pursuit of Luxury Journal and co-author of Crafting Luxury published by Intellect. He also hosts the In Pursuit of Luxury podcast.

Contact: Ravensbourne University, 6 Penrose Way, London, SE10 0EW, UK.

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