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Simona Segre Reinach

Simona Segre Reinach is a cultural anthropologist and an associate professor of fashion studies at Bologna University, Italy. She has written extensively on fashion from a global perspective in the books such as Berg Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion (2010), The Fashion History Reader (2010), Fashion Media: Past and Present (2013), A Cultural History of Dress and Fashion (2016), The Cambridge Global History of Fashion (2021). Her research includes field work in China and Italy on Sino-Italian collaborations in global fashion. On this matter she published several articles such as 'Fast fashion vs prêt à porter: Towards a new culture of fashion' (2005); and 'From joint ventures to collaborative projects: Toward an ethnography of Sino-Italian fashion relations in the 2020s' (2021). Recent books include: Biki: French Visions for Italian Fashion (Rizzoli, 2019); Fashion in Multiple Chinas: Chinese Styles in the Transglobal Landscape, with Wessie Ling (I.B. Tauris–Bloomsbury, 2018); and Exhibit! Fashion on Show: Exhibition Spaces and Brand Spaces, with Luca Marchetti (Mondadori Pearson, 2017). Exhibitions include: 80s–90s Facing Beauties: Italian Fashion and Japanese Fashion at a Glance (Rimini Museum, 2013); and Jungle: The Imagery of Animals in Fashion (Torino Venaria Reale, 2017). She is a member of boards such as Bloomsbury Fashion Central Advisory Board; and Fashion Theory Editorial Board. She is editor-in-chief of Zonemoda Journal.