Urban Cinematics (Book)

Understanding Urban Phenomena through the Moving Image


François Penz is an architect and a teacher in the Faculty of Architecture and History of Art at the University of Cambridge.

Andong Lu is a research associate at the University of Cambridge.

Introduction – François Penz and Andong Lu

Part I: City symphonies: Montaged urban cinematic landscapes

Chapter 1: Ciné-City strolls: Imagery, form, language and meaning of the city film – Helmut Weihsmann

Chapter 2: I am here, or, the art of getting lost: Patrick Keiller and the new city symphony – Patrik Sjöberg

Chapter 3: Get out of the car: A commentary – Thom Andersen

Part II: Cinematic urban archaeology

Chapter 4: Aids to objectivity? Photography, film and the new ‘science’ of urbanism – Nicholas Bullock

Chapter 5: Which role for the cinema in a working-class city: The case of Saint-Etienne – Roger Odin

Chapter 6: A film of two cities: Sean Connery’s Edinburgh – Murray Grigor

Chapter 7: Film as re-imaging the modern space – Mark Lewis

Part III: Geographies of the urban cinematic landscape

Chapter 8: Mobility and global complexity in the work of Van der Keuken – Hing Tsang

Chapter 9: From maps of ‘progress’ to crime maps (and back again?): The plasticity of the aerial shot in Mexican urban film – Celia Dunne

Chapter 10: Night on Earth, urban wayfinding and everyday life – Andrew Otway

Part IV: The cinematic in the urban

Chapter 11: Sleepwalking from New York to Miami – Alison Butler

Chapter 12: Film in our midst: City as cinematic archive – Rachel Moore

Chapter 13: Parkour vision – Layla Curtis

Part V: Cinematic urban design practice

Chapter 14: Urban anagram: A bio-political reflection on cinema and city life – Maria Hellström Reimer

Chapter 15: Reconsidering cinematic mapping: Halfway between collected subjectivity and projective mapping – Marc Boumeester

Chapter 16: Mapping urban space: Moving image as a research tool – Wowo Ding

Chapter 17: The moving image of the city: Expressive space/inhabitation/narrativity: Intensive studio workshop on 'Continuity of Action in Space' – Maureen Thomas


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