A Trail of Fire for Political Cinema (Book)

The Hour of the Furnaces Fifty Years Later

Marking the 50th anniversary of the premiere of La Hora de Los Hornos (The Hour of the Furnaces) (Getino and Solanas, 1968), A Trail of Fire for Political Cinema is an edited collection that closely analyses the film, looking to the context and the socio-political landscape of 1960s Argentina, as well as the film's legacy and contemporary relevance. Attention is paid to the corpus of political documentaries made between 1968 to 1976, including those that marked the last coup d'état in Argentina, to emphasize how formal and thematic trends relate to their Argentinian social context. In order to highlight The Hour of the Furnaces's contemporary relevance as a form of politically engaged activism, the book will also look at Fernando Solanas's documentary output in the twenty-first century.

Category: Film Studies


Javier Campo is a researcher at CONICET and professor of film aesthetics at UNICEN, in Tandil, Argentina.

Humberto Pérez-Blanco is senior lecturer in film theory at the University of the West of England, in Bristol, UK.

Introduction: The Place of The Hour of the Furnaces in World Cinema (and in the Political World)
Javier Campo and Humberto Pérez-Blanco

Chapter 1: To Invent Our Revolution: An Aesthetic-Political Analysis of The Hour of the Furnaces
Javier Campo

Chapter 2: Fanon and The Hour of the Furnaces
Ignacio Del Valle Dávila

Chapter 3: A Look from Literature on Fernando Solanas and Octavio Getino’s The Hour of the Furnaces
María Amelia García and Teresita María Victoria Fuentes

Chapter 4: Popular Music and Political Militancy in The Hour of the Furnaces
Tomás Crowder-Taraborrelli

Chapter 5: The Hour of the Furnaces’ Sexualized History
Guillermo Olivera

Chapter 6: The Hour of the Furnaces, May 68, and the Pesaro International Film Festival
Laura E. Ruberto and Kristi M. Wilson

Chapter 7: Tracing the Winding Road of The Hour of the Furnaces in the First World
Mariano Mestman

Chapter 8: Trails of Ink: An Approximation to the Historiography on The Hour of the Furnaces
Pablo Piedras

Chapter 9: The Dialogue between The Hour of the Furnaces and the Tradition of Argentine Documentary
Clara Kriger

Chapter 10: Solanas’ Recent Documentaries
Magalí Mariano and María Emilia Zarini

Chapter 11: Experimenting with TV: The Hour of the Furnaces at the Crossroads of Cinematic Experimentalism and Video Art
Clara Garavelli

Chapter 12: The Hour of the Furnaces as an Essay Film
Humberto Pérez-Blanco

Afterthoughts on The Hour of the Furnaces
Michael Chanan 

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