Comparative Media Policy, Regulation and Governance in Europe - Chapter 11 (Book)

Chapter 11: Media Diversity and Pluriformity: Hybrid ‘Regimes’ across Europe


This chapter is concerned with conceptualizations of ‘diversity’ in Public Service Media (PSM) policies, and addresses the following questions: (1) How do PSM frame diversity as a part of their public service mission? By which parameters do they define identities and diversity (e.g. socio-demographic criteria, interests, preferences, opinions, etc.) Which groups are included in diversity policies? (2) What is the scope of PSM policies with regard to the representation of diversity in terms of production, content, and accessibility? Based on an analysis of nine western European Public Service Broadcasters’ diversity policies three models can be identified: (1) centralized, comprehensive diversity policies, (2) centralized diversity policies with a focus on workplace diversity, (3) fragmented diversity measures and objectives. Central issues and discussions are outlined, and implications for policy and practice are discussed.
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