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Cultural Studies of Natures, Landscapes and Environments

ISSN 2043-7757 | Online ISSN 2043-7765 

Founding Editors:
Rod Giblett, Deakin University
Emily Potter, Deakin University
Warwick Mules, University of Queensland


Developing a better relationship between humans and the earth, people and place, culture and nature is vital for trying to achieve environmental sustainability in the age of climate change. This new series considers each of these terms and the political, economic, semiotic, philosophical and psychological dimensions of our relationship with the earth. Firmly placed in the tradition of cultural studies of nature and landscape begun by Raymond Williams and continued by Alexander Wilson and others, it will publish interdisciplinary work that draws on established approaches within Cultural Studies and develops new ones. It will make a unique and vital contribution not only to academic enquiry but also to new ways of thinking, being and living with the earth. The series will be of interest to a wide range of theorists and practitioners who are seeking directions out of, and solutions to, our environmental and cultural malaise.