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Dimitris Papanikolaou

Dimitris Papanikolaou is an Associate Professor of Modern Greek Studies at the University of Oxford. He has written the monographs: Singing Poets: Literature and Popular Music in France and Greece (Legenda, 2007), ‘San k’ emena kamomenoi’: O omofylofilos Kavafis kai i poiitiki tis sexoualikotitas (‘“Those People Made Like Me”: C. P. Cavafy and the Poetics of Sexuality’) (Patakis, 2014) and Kati trechei me tin oikogeneia: Ethnos, pothos kai syggeneia tin epochi tis krisis (‘There Is Something About the Family: Nation, Desire and Kinship in a Time of Crisis’) (Patakis, 2018). His editorial work includes the new editions of the work of Costas Taktsis in Greek and the special issue of the Journal of Greek Media and Culture on Cavafy Pop (2014; co-edited with Eleni Papargyriou). He is currently completing the book Greek Weird Wave: A Cinema of Biopolitics, for Edinburgh University Press.