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Marie Arleth Skov

Marie Arleth Skov is a Danish art historian, author and curator based in Berlin, where she is currently co-curating the exhibition Claudia Skoda: Dressed to Thrill at the Kunstbibliothek (Art Library) together with Britta Bommert. She works on the subjects of music, art and sexuality, with a historical focus on Surrealism and the punk movement of the 1970–80s. She studied Art History, Philosophy and Media Studies at the Freie Universität Berlin and received her Ph.D. through a binational co-tutelle procedure at the University of Leipzig and the University of Copenhagen. Together with Valeska Hageney, she curated the programme of the project space REH Kunst in Berlin, including the exhibitions RE-MADE//RE-USED and Claus Larsen: I Kill You before I Leave. She is also an international affiliate of the Punk Scholars Network.

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