World Film Locations: London (Book)

Edited by Neil Mitchell

From Terror on the Underground to Thames Tales to Richard Curtis's affectionate portrayal of the city in Love Actually, this user-friendly guide explores the diversity and distinctiveness of films shot in location in London.


An exciting and visually focused tour of the diverse range of films shot on location in London, World Film Locations: London presents contributions spanning the Victorian era, the swinging ’60s and the politically charged atmosphere following the 2005 subway bombings. Essays exploring key directors, themes and historical periods are complemented by reviews of important scenes that offer particular insight into London's relationship to cinema. The book is illustrated throughout with full-colour film stills and photographs of cinematic landmarks as they appear now – as well as city maps to aid those keen to investigate them.

Neil Mitchell is a freelance writer and critic whose writings have appeared in, among other publications, Big Picture, Rogue Cinema and Electric Sheep. He is also the coeditor of Intellect's Directory of World Cinema: Britain.


Scenes 1-8 – 1927-1951

Scenes 9-16 – 1951-1966

Scenes 17-24 – 1966-1978

Scenes 25-32 – 1980-1997

Scenes 33-40 – 1997-2002

Scenes 41-50 – 2003-2009


London: City of the Imagination – Neil Mitchell

Victorian London: A Painterly Vision of the City Divided – Virginie Sélavy

Ealing Studios: A Brief History of the Mecca of British film – Scott Jordan Harris

Swinging London: Their Texts Are Loud But Never Square – James Evans

Going Underground: Strange Goings On Down Below... – James Rose

Richard Curtis: A Glamorized and Idealized London – Robert Beames

Thames Tales: Stories by the Riverside – Jez Conolly

These full-colour, hardy paperbacks will attract a wide readership because of the packaging of good quality content into self-contained, easily digested chunks. 

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