World Film Locations: Melbourne (Book)

Edited by Neil Mitchell

World Film Locations: Melbourne serves as a guide to films set wholly or partially in one of Australia’s most diverse and culturally important cities. Offering analyses of iconic scenes, essays on key directors, recurring themes, notable locations, photographs, film stills and city maps, the contributors examine the city’s relationship to cinema.


An illuminating and visually led guide to a selection of the films set wholly or in part in Melbourne, World Film Locations: Melbourne covers the big screen representations of life in the city from the Victorian era to the present day. Short analyses of iconic scenes and themed essays focusing on key directors and recurring themes and locations combine to highlight the city's relationship to cinema. Illustrated throughout with full colour film stills and photographs of the locations as they are now – from architectural landmarks to largely unexplored outer-suburbs – the book also contains city maps for those wishing to explore Melbourne's richly diverse cinematic streets.

From visions of Ned Kelly, via tales of sporting drama to the coming-of-age films of the 1980s and beyond, this accessible trip around the birthplace of the Australian film industry will both firmly cement Melbourne's reputation as a richly diverse creative hotbed and enhance the standing of the films and filmmakers associated with the city.

Neil Mitchell is a freelance writer and critic. He is the editor or coeditor of several books, including Directory of World Cinema: Britain and World Film Locations: London, both also published by Intellect.


Scenes 1-8 1906 - 1970

Scenes 9-16 1973 - 1979

Scenes 17-24 1980 - 1986

Scenes 25-32 1986 - 1994

Scenes 33-39 1995 - 2002

Scenes 40-46 2005 - 2010


Melbourne: City of the Imagination – Adrian Danks

Melbourne Studios – Deb Verhoeven

Hardboiled Melbourne – Jack Sargeant

A View From the West: The Cinema of Ana Kokkinos – Lisa French

Sporting Melbourne: Centre of A Nation's Obsession – Julian Buckeridge

Stanley's Shadow: The Central Business District – Dean Brandum

The World Seems Difficult: Youth, Melbourne, Cinema – Gem Blackwood

'This latest in the "World Film Locations" puts the spotlight on Melbourne,and does so in ways that will be useful to the film speciailist but, perhaps more important, entirely accessible and entertaining to the general reader who just loves films or Melbourne. Sandwiched between longer pieces about aspects of Melbourne at large are kaleidoscopic glimpses of particular film samples of what the city has to offer.'

Brian McFarlane author of 'Australian Cinema'

'The contributions are impressive in the amount ... they manage to communicate with such concision'

Media International Australia Susan Bye
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