AAH 2021

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Intellect is looking forward to attending the Association for Art History’s 2021 Annual Conference.

AAH 2021 is occurring 14-17 April 2021 and more information about the conference can be found here. 

To obtain 30% off selected books, please use the code AAH30 at the checkout. Books will be eligible for a 30% discount between 14 March – 30 April 2021. Click here for the full list of discounted books. 

Spotlight titles include: 

Photography as Critical Practice 

Notes on Otherness

David Bate

A collection that combines visual works with critical essays around the theme of everyday life to explore the concept of otherness and highlight photography as a form of critical practice. 

Discounted price: £31.50 / $42.00

Post-Specimen Encounters Between Art, Science and Curating

Rethinking Art Practice and Objecthood through Scientific Collections

Edited by Edward Juler and Alistair Robinson

Explores a subject of great potential for both art historians and museologists – that of the nature of the specimen and how it might be reinterpreted. Contains cross-disciplinary contributions, written by a team of art historians, artists, poets, anthropologists, critics and curators.

Discounted price: £23.80 / $34.30

Art inSight

Understanding Art and Why It Matters

Fanchon Silberstein

This book delves into the first known art and explores what it can reveal about how its makers saw the world and how contemporary artists can help us to see our own. The result is equal parts an ode to the joy of artful engagement, a how-to for anyone interested in understanding art and culture and a journey around the world from prehistory to the present day.

Discounted price: £14.70 / £19.60

Drawing as a Way of Knowing in Art and Science

Gemma Anderson

In recent history, the arts and sciences have often been considered opposing fields of study, but a growing trend in drawing research is beginning to bridge this divide. This book introduces tested ways in which drawing as a research practice can enhance morphological insight, specifically within the natural sciences, mathematics and art.

Discounted price: £22.40 / £29.75

Field Notes on the Visual Arts

Seventy-Five Short Essays

Edited by Karen Lang

What is the relation of art and history? What is art today? Why does art affect us? In Field Notes on the Visual Arts, 75 scholars, curators and artists traverse chronology and geography to reveal the meanings and dilemmas of art. 

Discounted price: £19.60 / $25.90

Provoking the Field

International Perspectives on Visual Arts PhDs in Education

Edited by Anita Sinner, Rita L. Irwin and Jeff Adams

Provoking the Field invites debate on, and provides an essential resource for, transnational arts-based scholars engaged in critical analyses of international visual arts education and its enquiry in doctoral research. 

Discounted price: £17.50 / $23.10

Queer Communion

Ron Athey

Edited by Amelia Jones and Andy Campbell

Ron Athey is one of the most important, prolific and influential performance artists of the past four decades. Queer Communion, an exploration of Athey’s career, refuses the linear narratives of art discourse and instead pays homage to the intensities of each mode of Athey’s performative practice and each community he engages.

Discounted price: £25.90 / $34.30


Contemporary Art Goes to School

Edited by Jennie Guy

In this collection of original essays, the writers engage with the work of the artists who took part in Art School, the independent curatorial framework based in Ireland. Each contribution provides a lens through which each writer can focus on specific moments within the evolution of Art School, working outwards to explore how these moments resonate with the wider fields of art-in-education and radical pedagogies.

Discounted price: £23.80 / $31.50

The Lure of the Social

Encounters with Contemporary Artists

Gretchen Coombs

 Artists increasingly find themselves working in participatory settings where skills in social engagement are as essential as their creative skills. Over the course of the book, readers are introduced to artists and their work, and to the key debates and issues facing this fast-growing and emergent field.

Discounted price: £23.80 / $31.50

An Affect of an Experience

And how I learnt to write about it in the context of fine art

Kate Love

Kate Love examines the concept of experience, as both content and as interpretative register in the context of fine art. It discusses the idea that writing can be understood as a practice like painting, sculpture, video, etc.

Discounted price: £56.00 / $74.55

The Politics of Migration and Mobility in the Art World

Transnational Baltic Artistic Practices across Europe

Emma Duester

This original new book explores how visual artists take part in regular cross-border mobilities, onward migrations and transnational communications across Europe for work and the effects of this on their feelings of home and belonging.

Discounted price: £56.00 / $74.55

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Meet the Publisher

Thursday 15 April 2021, 13.30 – 13.50 GMT (during the refreshment break)

In this workshop, Senior Production Editor Mareike will give an overview of how Intellect approaches its publishing programme and break down how a book or journal article is produced - plus essential tips and strategies future authors, editors or guest-editors should be aware of.

This session is useful for both veteran scholars and those new to academic publishing. Mareike Wehner, who has 5 years' experience with Intellect's production processes whilst also being part of the ebooks and metadata teams, will host the session. It'll be a casual format (bring your lunch along!) with a Q&A to follow - for specific projects or questions that can't be covered in this session, please email mareike@intellectbooks.com to arrange a meeting. Our publish with us page can be found here.