Beijing Film Academy Yearbook 2015 (Book)

The Beijing Film Academy (BFA) is one of the most revered film institutions in the world. Since 1984, the BFA's Department of Film Studies has been publishing the Journal of the Beijing Film Academy, the only journal of film theory that integrates film education in higher learning with film theory studies. Now, coinciding with dramatically increased interest in Chinese cinema, comes the Beijing Film Academy Yearbook, showcasing the best academic debates, discussions and research from the academy in 2015 – all available for the first time in English. Aimed at narrowing the cultural gap for cross-cultural research, the book contributes not only to scholarly work on Chinese cinema, but also to film and media studies more generally.

Category: Film Studies


The Journal of the Beijing Film Academy, founded in 1984, is edited by the Beijing Film Academy’s Department of Film Studies and is highly respected for showcasing the foremost research in Chinese cinema and film education.



WU Guangping (Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Beijing Film Academy)

Chapter 1: An Analysis of Educational Characteristics and Developments of Beijing Film Academy: A Reflection of Film Education on the 120th Anniversary of Film

HOU Guangming

Chapter 2: Annual Report on the Development of China’s Film Industry 2013

LIU Jing, WEI Jinru

Chapter 3: On Cinema Operation and Management in the Context of the Cyber-Era

ZHANG Huijun, LU Yang, ZHU Tao

Chapter 4: The Present State and the Problems of Chinese Cinema


Chapter 5: How Will Art Film Make a Real Breakthrough: An Analysis of Several Trends in China’s Art Film Promotion


Chapter 6: An Emic Study of the Impact of Jun’ichiroÝ Tanizaki


Chapter 7: The Lens of an Intertextual Era: Reinterpretation of the Film A Twig of Plum Blossoms

QI Xian’gu

Chapter 8: Surpass Stereotypes: Study on Li Wei’s Seventeen-Year Villain Performance


Chapter 9: Cut-throat Rivalry, Who Will Be the Winner?

SHAO Bocong

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