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Claudia Jacques

Claudia Ferreira Jacques de Moraes Cardoso, Ph.D. (University of Plymouth, UK), MFA (SVA/NYC), is a Brazilian-American interdisciplinary technoetic artist, designer, educator and researcher. Intersecting art, technology and science, her practice and research focus on investigating and expanding perceptions and processes in the user-information-interface relationship through the lens of cybersemiotics. Human-computer interactions, cybersemiotics, semiotics, cybernetics, consciousness and design are some of her publication topics. She collaborates with many artists exhibiting and presenting both in the US and abroad. Parallel to serving in the Technoetic Arts Editorial Organism (2020), she has been serving as art & web editor for Cybernetics and Human Knowing since 2013. She has been collaborating with UCLA’s ArtSci Center since 2011 as an Information and Instructional Designer and is the founder and creative director of Knowledge Art Studios Inc. Jacques is an adjunct associate professor at CUNY (Bronx) and SUNY (Westchester) community colleges teaching studio, digital, graphic and communication arts. Her studio is in Ossining, NY.