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John Bardakos

John Bardakos is an artist and researcher born in Athens, Greece. He studied mathematics, digital, and traditional media in applied and fine arts in Athens, Paris and Madrid. Mr Bardakos, after a career as an artist, director and producer in hybrid media film and animation, got involved with academic practice and research in fine arts using a multiplicity of traditional, analogue, digital, algorithmic, virtual and interactive methodologies. John Bardakos lectured in-between theory and practice in Athens and Paris and joined the Roy Ascott Technoetic Arts Studio in 2017 as a course coordinator and senior lecturer at the DeTao Masters Academy and the Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts continuing his research between fine arts, technologies, mathematics, cybernetics and diagrams. He is currently continuing his art and research activities at the Athens School of Fine Arts and the University Paris 8, focusing on interaction, spatial/digital poetics, aesthetics, and mathematical structures following a technoetic paradigm.

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Technoetic Arts: A Journal of Speculative Research
Founding Editor Roy Ascott Editorial Organism (from issue 18.2) Editorial Organism, Tom Ascott, John Bardakos, Dalila Honorato, Hu Yong, Claudia Jacques and Claudia Westermann Associate Editors (up to issue 18.1) Tom Ascott and Luna Zhou