Entanglements of Two: A Series of Duets (Book)

Edited collection presenting an investigation of the entanglement of form and practice seen through the lens of the smallest multiple unit of collaboration: the pair. It focuses on a ten-year period in the work of Karen Christopher, alongside wider reflections on the duet as a concept in artistic and social life. 9 b/w illus. 19 col. illus.

Category: Performing Arts


Drawing out the particularities of working in twos, with a focus on collaborative performance making, this book considers the duet as a particular configuration in which to think, the duo a microcosm of humankind, and presents everyday entanglement of form and practice seen through the lens of the smallest multiple unit.

Mary Paterson is an independent writer, researcher and curator. With Intellect she previously published Joshua Sofaer: Performance | Objects | Participation (2020), co-edited with Roberta Mock. 

Karen Christopher is a collaborative performance maker, performer, and teacher. Her company, Haranczak/ Navarre Performance Projects, has been engaged in creating a series of duet performances. Karen was a member of the influential Chicago-based Goat Island performance group for 20 years.


Opening gambit

Karen Christopher



Season Butler


Haranczak/Navarre Performance Projects

Duet collaborations, 2010-21


Introductory fragment #1: the two of you 

Karen Christopher


Between Two Somethings

J. R. Carpenter


Duet Walk

Karen Christopher & Mary Paterson


Resonance of Two

Karen Christopher


Six Practices of Learning Together in Havruta

Orit Kent


Introductory fragment #2: heart and lungs 

Karen Christopher


Consider This (Control Signal)

Mary Paterson


Staying with the tremble

Eirini Kartsaki


What never stops?

Joe Kelleher


Invisible partners remain themselves inside

Litó Walkey



The Promise of More to Come (So Below)

Mary Paterson


On creating a climate of attention: the composition of our work

Karen Christopher & Sophie Grodin


Not so much balanced as balancing (miles & miles)

Mary Paterson


The collaborative artistic working process of Control Signal:
A drama-linguistic exploration of the shifting of roles

Andrea Milde


Introductory fragment #3: tangled

Karen Christopher


Imagining Seven Falls 

Mary Paterson


Introductory fragment #4: a lot of rope

Karen Christopher


Always On Uneven Ground

Rajni Shah



TwoFold: Questions

Mary Paterson


A Physics Duet

David Berman



Conclusion: I have been thinking of you this whole time

Mary Paterson


Diffractions: record of a passage

David Williams


Contributors’ biographies



'Entanglements of Two works, like much performance work, by slow and considered associative thinking. Back and forth ideas go, page and eye, words and reader, meaning and mind, reflecting upon ten years of duet performances whilst also – as the back cover puts it – ‘exploring the practical, philosophical, and aesthetic implications of working in pairs and offer[ing] wider reflections on the duet as a concept in artistic and social life’. [...] So far I think this book is a call to action, a learning tool.'

Rupert Loydell, Tears in the Fence
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