Justitia (Book)

Multidisciplinary Readings of the Work of the Jasmin Vardimon Company

Edited by Paul Johnson and Sylwia Dobkowska Series edited by Patrick Duggan

This book offers a series of compelling responses to the Jasmin Vardimon Company's production of Justitia, a multilayered, multimedia dance theatre piece. Through an innovative, visually annotated text, which includes the original script by Rebecca Lenkiewicz, the book attempts to record the experience of the performance. Also included are nine critical responses from scholars and theatrical practitioners who consider the performance through lenses relating to time, collaboration, writing, confession and the law.

Series: Playtext


Paul Johnson is associate dean of the Faculty of Arts at the University of Wolverhampton, UK, and head of the School of Performing Arts. 

Sylwia Dobkowska researches visual representations of language in the form of text and visual art, merging academic theory and design practice.

Paul Johnson
Analysis and Creation
Nina Stieger
The idea of agency in the Performance of Justitia
Emily Kasriel
Representations of Time in the Performance Justitia
Naom Segal
Ringing True
Libby Worth
Seen by me, It Writes
Felix Ensslin
Hiding in Plain View
Christine Harmar-Brown
Putting Clouds in Boxes
Paul Brill
A Choreography of Words: Reflections on Justitia
Amanda Stuart Fisher
Authorship, Physical Theatre and Justitia
Royona Mitra
Conclusions: "A close friendship among the debris..." Acting, breath and Truth in Jasmin Vardimon's Justitia
Geoffrey Colman
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