Directory of World Cinema: American Hollywood (Book)


With its sprawling celebrity homes, the Walk of Fame and the iconic sign on the hill, Hollywood is truly the land of stars. Glamorous and larger-than-life, many of the most memorable motion pictures of all time have emanated from its multimillion-dollar film industry, which exports more films per capita than that of any other nation. Directory of World Cinema: American Hollywood lays out the cinematic history of Tinseltown – the industry, the audiences and, of course, the stars – highlighting important thematic and cultural elements throughout. Profiles and analyses of many of the industry’s most talented and prolific directors give insights into their impact on Hollywood and beyond. A slate of blockbuster successes – and notable flops – are here discussed, providing insight into the ever-shifting aesthetic of Hollywood’s enormous global audience. User-friendly and concise yet containing an astonishing amount of information, Directory of World Cinema: American Hollywood shows how truly indispensable the Hollywood film industry is and provides a fascinating account of its cultural and artistic significance as it marks its centennial.

Lincoln Geraghty is a principal lecturer and course leader for film and television studies at the School of Creative Arts, Film and Media at the University of Portsmouth, UK.

Introduction by the editor

Hollywood: A history?

The Hollywood film industry


Clint Eastwood
John Ford
DW Griffith
Steven Spielberg


Crime film

Science fiction



Historical films


War films





'Directory of World Cinema: American Hollywood is an attractive collection beyond the critical dissection of many of American cinema’s best-loved films. A coffee-table paperback, it includes a wealth of gorgeous production stills and other photographs, in both glossy colour and black and white.'

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