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Sheena Calvert

Dr Sheena Calvert is an artist/designer/writer. She has an active interest in the intersections between a wide range of disciplines, including illustration, graphic design and fine art, and is particularly concerned with exploring the implications of technology and philosophy on their practice. As a typographer and book designer by background, she has a long-standing interest in questions about the materiality of language (text/speech) and its implications for how we form knowledge (of the world, ourselves). Her theory and practicebased research, entitled ‘materialanguage’ explores these concerns. She is an avid humanist, interested in initiating deeper investigations of such subjects, alongside promoting cross-disciplinary thinking.

Selected publications include ‘Materia Prima’, ‘Materia Secunda’ (Intellect: 2013) and ‘The Moral Economies of Language in Digital Space’, for the Leonardo Electronic Almanac (MIT: 2013). Her creative work has been exhibited as part of Jiggling Atoms at the The Rag Factory (2012), The Ethnographic Museum in Krakow (2013), Gallery West, The University of Westminster (2014), and Central St Martins (2015). At both the Royal College of Art and the University of the Arts, London (Camberwell College of Art and Central St. Martins), she is concerned with how to bring theory and practice into closer alignment.

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