Virtual Conferences

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Intellect is excited to be partnering with the Fan Studies Network for their 2020 North American Virtual Conference.

Fan Studies Network NA is taking place between 13-17 October 2020 and it is the key Fan Studies Conference in the US. Panels will include discussion surrounding fandom and sports, video game fandom, celebrity fandoms, literary fandoms, representations of fans and much more! 

Intellect will also be hosting a publishing workshop during the conference. This will be taking place Saturday 17 October 2020 at 12:00 CST / 17:00 GMT.  James will discuss key aspects affecting contemporary academic publishing and offer advice and tactics to improve your chances of publishing a book, a chapter or a journal article within the field of Fan Studies.

To obtain 30% off our fan studies book collection, please use the code FAN30 at the checkout. Books will be eligible for a 30% discount between 1st – 31st October 2020

The full list of fan studies books available for discount are:

A Cultural History of the Disneyland Theme Parks
American Presidents and Oliver Stone
Britpop Cinema
Celebrity Culture and the Entertainment Industry in Asia
Celebrity Philanthropy
Consumer Identities
Crime Uncovered: Antihero
Crime Uncovered: Detective
Crime Uncovered: Private Investigator
Directory of World Cinema: American Hollywood
Directory of World Cinema: American Hollywood 2
Directory of World Cinema: American Independent
Directory of World Cinema: American Independent 2
Directory of World Cinema: American Independent 3
Fan Phenomena: Audrey Hepburn
Fan Phenomena: Batman
Fan Phenomena: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Fan Phenomena: Doctor Who
Fan Phenomena: Game of Thrones
Fan Phenomena: Harry Potter
Fan Phenomena: James Bond
Fan Phenomena: Jane Austen
Fan Phenomena: Marilyn Monroe
Fan Phenomena: Mermaids
Fan Phenomena: Sherlock Holmes
Fan Phenomena: Star Trek
Fan Phenomena: Star Wars
Fan Phenomena: Supernatural
Fan Phenomena: The Big Lebowski
Fan Phenomena: The Hunger Games
Fan Phenomena: The Lord of the Rings
Fan Phenomena: The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Fan Phenomena: The Twilight Saga
Fan Phenomena: Twin Peaks
Fellini’s Films and Commercials
Food Democracy
Gay Men at the Movies
Inside the TV Newsroom
International Horror Film Directors
Landscape and the Science Fiction Imaginary
Orphan Black
Picturing the Cosmos
Planet Cosplay (HB) + (PB)
Preston Sturges
Revolution in the Echo Chamber
Spanish Cinema of the New Millennium
Superman: The Movie
Television Antiheroines
The Global Road Movie
The Hollywood War Film
The Traumatic Screen
Twin Peaks
Understanding Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey
World Film Locations: New York
World Film Locations: San Francisco

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Intellect recently took part in Intellect Live Art Week. Intellect Live Art week was a celebration of our Live Art Books and Intellect Live Book Series in which we showcased our gorgeous Live Art Books, hosted exciting interviews and offered exclusive discounts on the full collection. 

Intellect Live is a collaboration between Intellect Books and the Live Art Development Agency. The series is characterized by lavishly illustrated and exquisitely designed books, created through close collaborations between artists and writers, each of which is the first substantial publication dedicated to an artist's work.

Books in the series include:
Anne Bean: Self Etc. by Rob La Frenais
Kira O'Reilly: Untitled (Bodies) by Harriet Curtis and Martin Hargreaves
It's All Allowed: The Performances of Adrian Howells by Deirdre Heddon and Dominic Johnson

To obtain 30% off all books in the series, use the discount code LIVE30 at the checkout.
This discount will be running from 14 September - 31 October 2020.

Other books eligible for 30% discount include: 
Responding to Site: The Performance Work of Marilyn Arsem

For anyone keen to purchase our NEW Intellect Live Art Ebook collection, email for more information or click here

Interviews can be found on our Instagram IGTV channel. We are excited to be joining Dominic Johnson, Intellect Live Series Editor for an Instagram Live session on October 28th for a Live Art catch up so please do join then!