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The Society for Social Studies of Science Conference 2022 will take place 7-10 December in Cholula, Mexico. More information about the conference can be found here.

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Spotlight titles


Global Conversations in Art Education

This new edited collection explores histories of art education in international contexts. Offers a series of thoughtful and invigorating conversations with international scholars who evoke our conceptualizations of the histories of art education in pursuit of more equitable, diverse and inclusive understandings of the field. 35 col. illus.

Long before the Taliban, ISIS and other iconoclasts, Muslims imagined localities of antiquity as places imbued with didactic, historical and moral power. In thirteen articles by leading scholars covering the eighth century to the present, this book explores diverse ways Muslims have valued the material legacies of ancient and pre-Islamic societies. 118 b/w illus.

Iconic design leaders reflect on current affairs and share their visions for the future. Includes Carole Bilson, Karim Rashid, Bruce Mau, Steven Heller and Don Norman. Foreword by the president of the World Design Organization, Srini Srinisavan. Conclusion by design philosopher, Ken Friedman. 12 b/w illus.   Gjoko Muratovski interview with The Design Research Society (DRS) Interview with Carole Bilson

An Exploration of Impossible Encounters

This book explores a selection of artistic representations of animals. Positioned within contemporary debates around the animal question, it challenges anthropocentric beliefs about the all-knowing, rational and speaking human subject and argues that the irrationality of animal worlds marks the very limits of human thinking. 42 b&w photographs.

(Re)Defining the Field

Scholars and practitioners from the realm of 'Islamic architecture’ consider its changing nature and continued significance. Reflective essays address the meaning of ‘Islamic’ in built environments, and the geographical, chronological, disciplinary diversity of a dynamic field of study encompassing far more than mosques and tombs. 118 b/w illus.

Material Culture and the Reproduction of Medical Knowledge
Edited by John Nott and Anna Harris

Leading historians, anthropologists, educators and designers explore the role of materiality in medical education. With a broad focus, international scope and experimental format, this is the first book to seriously reflect on the material relationship between the medical school and reproduction of medical knowledge. 81 col. and 34 b&w illus.

Craftsmanship, Manufacture, Technology and the Retail Environment

A fresh approach to contemporary views of luxury focusing on extensive academic research and industry insights, pushing the boundaries by using luxury as a catalyst for innovative research in a variety of domains spanning design, art, craftsmanship, technology, retail, architecture and cultural and social studies. 12 col. illus.  

Going West to Find East Going East to Find West

A substantial contribution to current discourses in dance, choreography and performance, especially in the area of Practice-as-Research. Reflects the perspective of the author as scholar, choreographer, performer, and arts practitioner, with an extensive background in both the professional world of dance and the intellectual academy. 49 b&w illlus.

A Handbook for Mutual Understanding

Designers and digital humanists have successfully worked together for over twenty years, but many people from both fields have yet to enjoy the many opportunities such collaborations represent. This guide prepares readers for working together, outlining disciplinary perspectives, lessons learned and practical exercises. 46 b/w illus., 33 charts.

Uncovering Ecological Understanding and Biophilia through Creative Reciprocity

New critical discourse and applied methods based on the author’s original research and interspecies art practice, Animal Lover. Each chapter narrates the creative processes of one project, including the worlds of canines, salmon, birds and forest communities, and how these encounters transformed her outlook on Earth and all life. 50 half-tones with colour plate section

Contagious Diseases in Global Cities

The recent pandemic has put into perspective the impact of epidemic illness on urban life and exposed the vulnerabilities of societies. Interdisciplinary case studies from across the globe explore what insights from the outbreak, experience and response to previous epidemics might inform our understanding of the current world. 150 b/w illus.

The first book to comprehensively engage with Disney fans and the company's relationship with them, spanning theme parks, film, television, stage productions and novels, as well as a variety of fannish interventions. It addresses timely issues such as race and queerness, the Covid- 19 pandemic and the advent of Disney+. 20 b&w illus.

Imaginaries of the Smart Future
Edited by Susan Flynn Series edited by Graham Cairns

Interdisciplinary collection exploring cities and urban spaces in the context of technological and digital innovation. An approachable discussion of the issues surrounding smart digital futures and the disruptive potential of smart technologies in our cities; issues of change, design, austerity, ownership, citizenship and equality. 29col and 3b&w.

Designing Non-Extractive Relationalities
Edited by Oliver Vodeb

In-depth discussion of the concept of radical intimacies; the extra disciplinary approach connects theory and practice through communication, design and art. New writing and visual works from international contributors, all members of the Memefest network who have taken part in the Radical Intimacies festival and event workshops. 50 col. illus.

Reflective Surfaces and Their Mixed Meanings

Discusses meanings of shininess in art and in culture generally. Shininess is physically and metaphorically present in the construction of concepts such as utopia, the sublime, and camp; and the way its affects, rooted in excess produce irony, anxiety, pleasure and kitsch. A compelling subject that instantly attracts and fascinates. 54 b/w illus.