Disaster Capitalism (Book)

Or Money Can't Buy You Love - Three Plays

Disaster capitalism is an increasingly popular critical paradigm for contextualizing and understanding life in the twenty-first century. This book includes three full-length plays by award-winning dramatist Rick Mitchell: Shadow Anthropology, a dark comedy about the US occupation of Afghanistan; Through the Roof, a Faustian trip through the social history of natural disaster in New Orleans; and Celestial Flesh, a sacrilegious romp through the 1980s sanctuary movement. Placing the plays in historical and thematic context, the author introduces the collection with an essay examining catastrophe, capitalism and what he calls 'Apocalypse Theater for the Twenty-First Century.'

Category: Performing Arts
Series: Playtext


Rick Mitchell is an award-winning dramatist of over twenty plays, Rick Mitchell teaches playwriting, performance studies and literature at California State University, Northridge, where he is professor of English. 

Catastrophe everywhere: Apocalypse theater for the twenty-first century
The plays
Shadow Anthropology
Through the Roof
Celestial Flesh

'Funny! Provocative! Stunningly poignant! Rick Mitchell is a great American playwright.'

Edward James Olmos
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