Invisible Country (Book)

Four Polish Plays

Edited by Teresa Murjas

The late nineteenth and early twentieth century marked a tumultuous period in Poland’s history, with artists and writers working under difficult sociopolitical conditions. This book contains the first English-language translations of four plays by Polish writers in the modernist tradition: Snow by Stanislaw Przybyszewski, In a Small House by Tadeusz Rittner, Ashanti by Wlodzimierz Perzynski and All the Same by Leopold Staff. Well-chosen and carefully annotated, these translations provide important insight into this under-explored area of Polish dramatic history and practice and facilitate greater understanding of its role in the development of European theatre. Also included is a broad discussion of the characteristics of translation for the theatre.

Series: Playtext


Teresa Murjas is a lecturer in theater at the University of Reading.

Ashanti (1906)

In a Small House (1904)

Snow (1902)

All the Same (1912)

'This collection marks a unique effort to characterize the fragile identity of Poland through theatre.' 

World Literature Today

'In the end, she aims to achieve translations that stand at the intersection of linguistic and cultural faithfulness to the original with cultural accessibility for a twenty-first-century audience.' 

Slavic and East European Journal
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