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Paula Von Wachenfeldt

Paula von Wachenfeldt earned her Ph.D. in French literature and since 2008 she is senior lecturer in fashion studies at Stockholm University. She is the author of several articles in the fields of fashion and cultural studies. Her research addresses, among other things, the interface between fashion and fiction, fashion representations and fashion and social media. She has also devoted her research to luxury studies and in her publications she has addressed the debate on luxury and the interpretation of luxury in media and advertisement. These issues have been examined from a historical and a contemporary perspective. As a continuation of the present study, her latest publication ‘Communicating seduction. Luxury fashion advertisement in video campaigns’ investigates how the mythified luxury objects merge with recognizable social narratives in video advertisement. She is the co-author of The Swedish Desire: Centuries of Luxury Consumption (2015), which is the first book on Swedish luxury history. Currently, she is conducting research to explore the issue of credit in the fashion and luxury business of late eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century France.