Sydney Street Style (Book)

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Style is predominantly an individual matter – the way people put themselves together creates a sense of individual identity – but collectively it creates a sense of common culture in a community, a city or a country. Geographically isolated from the fashion hubs of Paris and New York, Australia may not yet be synonymous with style. But as it moves away from the beach look that it is usually associated with and adopts haute couture, Australia is emerging as a shining star in the Southern Hemisphere. Though not the political capital of the country, Sydney is nevertheless Australia’s cultural capital, and the style hub and epicentre of the country’s fashion evolution. Sydney Street Style depicts the style of this less-explored fashion capital. Beautifully assembled and packed with full-colour photos of the stylish and eclectic residents of Sydney, this book will be a welcome addition to the library of any fashionista or armchair traveller.

Justine Taylor is a fashion designer and graduated from East Sydney Tech in 2000.


Styling Sydney




About the Authors

'It takes a look way back at the history of Australian fashion and explores the impacts of colonisation, WWII allies and social development on the way we dress today. ' 

Giulia Brugliera, Furst Media
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