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Spotlight titles


Women Behaving Badly in Crime and Prison Drama
Edited by Milly Buonanno

This book focuses on the emergence of female characters in typically male roles, particularly in the crime and prison drama genres. Contributors explore the role of race and sexuality, focusing on the transgression of female identity, and examine how bad women are portrayed and how they reveal the challenges by women to social and economic norms.

There are few figures as captivating as the antihero: the character we can't help but root for, even as we turn away in revulsion from many of the things they do. What is it that draws us to characters like Breaking Bad's Walter White, Patricia Highsmith's Tom Ripley, and Stieg Larsson's Lisbeth Salander even as we decry the trail of destruction they leave in their wake?

Edited by Barry Forshaw

This book is an examination and celebration of iconic police detectives in the long and bloody history of crime fiction, film and television, identifying the individual characteristics that define these much-loved figures and discussing how they relate to their surroundings, country and class and the criminals they relentlessly pursue.

The private investigator is one of the most enduring characters within crime fiction. From Dashiell Hammett's Sam Spade – the hard-boiled loner trawling the mean streets – to Agatha Christie's Captain Hastings – the genteel companion in greener surrounds – the P. I. has taken on any number of guises. In Crime Uncovered: Private Investigator, editors Alistair Rolls and Rachel Franks dive deep into crime literature and culture, challenging many of the assumptions we make about the hardy P. I. Assembling a cast of notable crime fiction experts, including Stephen Knight and Carolyn Beasley, the book covers characters from the whole world of international noir – Giorgio Scerbanenco's Duca Lambert, Léo Malet's Nestor Burma and many more. Including essays on the genealogy and emergence of the protagonist in nineteenth-century fiction; interviews with crime writers Leigh Redhead, Nick Quantrill and Fernando Lalana; and analyses of the transatlantic exchanges that helped to develop public perception of a literary icon, Crime Uncovered: Private Investigator will redefine what we think we know about the figure of the P. I. Rolls and Franks have engaged here the tension between the popular and scholarly that is inherent in any critical examination of a literary type, along the way unraveling the mystery of the alluring, enigmatic private investigator. Crime Uncovered: Private Investigator will be a handy companion for any crime fiction fan.

Outi Hakola investigates the ways in which American living-dead films have addressed death through different narrative and rhetorical solutions during the twentieth century. The book frames the tradition of living dead films, discusses the cinematic processes of addressing the viewers, and analyses the films’ socio-cultural negotiation with death.

The Films of Christopher Nolan

The Traumatic Screen is a psychoanalytic study that considers the function and presentation of trauma in Christopher Nolan’s films. Using a methodological framework with references to Freud and Lacan, the author argues that Nolan’s films highlight the ways in which the cinema can provide specific insights into the nature of human consciousness.

Squaring the Circle

Franck Boulègue's latest book about David Lynch and Mark Frost's famous television series focuses on the eighteen new episodes directed by Lynch for season 3, screened in 2017. Analyses the season with special importance given to readings from an intertextual, ontological and spiritual perspectives. Now in paperback and with 81 colour illus.

Horror Studies is a peer-reviewed academic journal devoted to the rigorous study of horror in all its manifold cultural and historical forms. With a strong interdisciplinary focus, the journal seeks to publish high-quality articles and reviews on topics relevant to the study of horror across a range of disciplines.