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Intellect is exhibiting at the FSN North America 2021 Virtual Conference

FSN(Fan Studies Network) North America 2021 is occurring 20-24th of October 2021 and more information about the conference can be found here.
To obtain 30% off selected books, please use the code FSNNA30 at the checkout when purchasing books online. Books will be eligible for a 30% discount between 20th of October and 20th of November 2021. Click here for the full list of discounted books.
See our Fan Phenomena series of books for a range of texts that address cult/fan culture within a specified gaze. All are included within the discount!
We are looking to contract new books and reach out to new journal contributors within the subject areas of fan studies, comics, game studies, popular culture and lots more. For more information on publishing with us click here.
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Spotlight titles

House of Cards

By Emmanuel Taieb

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Exploration of the idea that House of Cards sets an alternate political world, where the leader is a ferocious animal, a political field overtaken by monsters who remain true to their fundamental nature or try to master their bloodthirsty instincts.

Discounted price: £16.10

A Cultural History of the Disneyland Theme Parks

By Sabrina Mittermeier

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The first comparative historical study of the six Disneyland theme parks around the world in five distinct cultures: the USA, Tokyo, Paris, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Discounted price: £16.80

The Return of Twin Peaks

By Franck Boulègue

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Franck Boulègue's latest book about David Lynch and Mark Frost's famous television series focuses on the eighteen new episodes directed by Lynch for season 3, screened in 2017.

Discounted price: £50.40

Fellini’s Films and Commercials

By Frank Burke

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An updated edition of renowned Fellini scholar Frank Burke’s film-by-film analysis of the famed director’s work, with a new preface and a new chapter on Fellini’s commercials.

Discounted price: £14.00

Punk Identities, Punk Utopias

By Matt Grimes, Russ Bestley, Mike Dines and Paula Guerra

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This new volume in the acclaimed Global Punk series extends the critical enquiry to reflect broader social, political and technological concerns impacting punk scenes around the world.

Discounted price: £20.65

Trans-Global Punk Scenes

By Russ Bestley, Mike Dines, Paula Guerra and Alastair Gordon

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Critical engagement with local, national and trans-global contemporary punk scenes across countries and regions including New Zealand, Indonesia, South Africa, Siberia and the Philippines.

Discounted price: £24.50

Britpop Cinema

By Matt Glasby

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Featuring exclusive interviews with key players such as Simon Pegg, Irvine Welsh, Michael Winterbottom and Edgar Wright, Britpop Cinema combines eyewitness accounts, close analysis and social history to celebrate a golden age for UK film.

Discounted price: £12.60

Planet Cosplay

By Paul Mountfort, Anne Peirson-Smith and Adam Geczy

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Examining the central aspects of cosplay ranging from sources and sites to performance and play, from sex and gender to production and consumption.

Discounted price: £25.90

Understanding Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey

By James Fenwick

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An exploration of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey that combines ‘new’ empirical approaches with ‘old’ formalist approaches.

Discounted price: £14.00

American Presidents and Oliver Stone

By Carl Freedman

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Synthesizing detailed film criticism with thorough political and historical analysis, examines the Oliver Stone films JFK, Nixon and W. that transmute these presidencies into works of historical fiction.

Discounted price: £14.00