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Spotlight titles


A Political History of Italian Food TV
By Francesco Buscemi Series edited by Flavia Laviosa

A lively and rigorous historical account of Italian food television narrated from a political point of view. In referring to the sociology of Pierre Bourdieu, the book links food, television and politics and shows how the three give way to the political construction of various versions of Italy, from 1954 to the present. 12 b/w photographs.    New Books Network (New Books in Italian Studies) interview with Francesco Buscemi

A Handbook for Mutual Understanding

Designers and digital humanists have successfully worked together for over twenty years, but many people from both fields have yet to enjoy the many opportunities such collaborations represent. This guide prepares readers for working together, outlining disciplinary perspectives, lessons learned and practical exercises. 46 b/w illus., 33 charts.

Imaginaries of the Smart Future
Edited by Susan Flynn Series edited by Graham Cairns

Interdisciplinary collection exploring cities and urban spaces in the context of technological and digital innovation. An approachable discussion of the issues surrounding smart digital futures and the disruptive potential of smart technologies in our cities; issues of change, design, austerity, ownership, citizenship and equality. 22 half-tones.

Craftsmanship, Manufacture, Technology and the Retail Environment

A fresh approach to contemporary views of luxury focusing on extensive academic research and industry insights, pushing the boundaries by using luxury as a catalyst for innovative research in a variety of domains spanning design, art, craftsmanship, technology, retail, architecture and cultural and social studies. 12 col. illus.  

New exploration of how the moving image mediates our relationship to and understanding of landscapes. The focus is on artists’ film and video and draws on work from the 1970s to the present day. An informed, personal view from a high profile author considering if appreciation of nature’s aesthetics undermines commitment to ecology. 30b/w illus.

Global Conversations in Art Education

This new edited collection explores histories of art education in international contexts. Offers a series of thoughtful and invigorating conversations with international scholars who evoke our conceptualizations of the histories of art education in pursuit of more equitable, diverse and inclusive understandings of the field. 35 col. illus.

From Copy Strategy to Iconic Brands

Integrates the most important strategic advertising mechanisms developed throughout time: USP, brand image, positioning, Lovemarks. This is the first book to bring together the most consolidated methods by advertisers or advertising agencies (P&G, Bates, Ogilvy or Euro) in the history of modern advertising. Available in English for the first time.

Love, Technology, Desire

Organized around ten chapters and works of new media art, the collection offers an extensive critical analysis of technologized romance – and other emotional relations – as well as provides an insight into the codification, execution, deployment and evolution of the patterns of togetherness in the so-called Tamagotchi era. 45 col. photographs.

The Representation of Women in French-Language Comics

The most complete study of women in French-language comics to date - and the first published in English. Taking a two-pronged approach of historical and case-study analysis, and with a chronological span of over a century, it is the fullest examination thus far of female depiction in Francophone sequential art. 16 plates, 7 col. 9 b/w.

An Analysis of Minute-by-Minute Television in Norway

Slow TV, developed by Norwegian public service broadcaster NRK, is broadcasting in which the event on television lasts as long as in real time, and has been adopted by others including BBC Four and Netflix. This unique study discusses concepts of slowness, innovation, genre, media event, reception, local and national identity. 56 col. illus.

A photographic inquiry into antagonistic nationalism

This book combines photography and written text to analyse the role of memorials and commemoration sites in the construction of antagonistic nationalism. Taking Cypriot memorializations as a case study, it shows how these memorials often support, but sometimes also undermine, the discursive-material assemblage of nationalism. 62 b/w illus. 14 col.

Iconic design leaders reflect on current affairs and share their visions for the future. Includes Carole Bilson, Karim Rashid, Bruce Mau, Steven Heller and Don Norman. Foreword by the president of the World Design Organization, Srini Srinisavan. Conclusion by design philosopher, Ken Friedman. 12 b/w illus.   Gjoko Muratovski interview with The Design Research Society (DRS) Interview with Carole Bilson

A journey through a variety of tools and technologies from vlogging to drone cinematography to considerations of time, editing and sound design, Material Media-Making in the Digital Age offers professionals, scholars and students alike the chance to re-think how they engage with new media technology, about media and its place in the world. 17 b/w illus.

Film Poetry, Videopoetry, Lyric Voice, Reflection

The first book of its kind, it classifies the different types of poetry film, shedding light on the fast-growing genre and citing works from poetry filmmakers worldwide. A ground-breaking industry bible for anyone interested in poetry, digital media, filmmaking, art and creative writing as well as poetry filmmakers. 60 col., 20 b/w illus.   Launch interview with Dr Rebecca Kosick Sarah Tremlett interview at VideoBardo Videopoetry Festival